Sarah Hyde


Healing Moves

Healing Moves is a synthesis of my exploration of the body and the environment; a culmination of over thirty years of formal training, spiritual and clinical practices, together with teaching experience – all now based around the smallholding where I live with my family in West Wales. It is a way of being present in the body and the landscape, through movement, sound and stillness, that promotes self-healing and creativity. Healing Moves is designed to redress the habitual, and ultimately limiting, stresses and imbalances that build up in the body, emotions, mind and spirit over a lifetime. The practice brings a sense of well being and vitality which benefits not only ourselves but the landscape we live in.

How has Healing Moves developed?

Healing Moves arises from an exploration through many different landscapes of healing; therapeutic, creative and environmental.  The basis of this practice can be stated simply: only nature heals, the body always knows.  This has led me deep into the inner space and workings of the body through meditation, naturopathy, osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy and out into the external reality of the wild welsh landscape and its elemental forces.  

How the experiences of my own explorations along this journey between the extremes have crystallized into what I offer in my work today is in great part a result of the meditation and movement practices I have studied and taught.

In these critical times I believe the first step to healing is learning how to stop and listen; to the inner landscape of the body as well as the natural world outside us. When we begin to hear what each is saying our understanding grows as to how one reflects the other. We get a clearer sense of how we can realign with the natural rhythms that run through both. By doing this we find more balance with the world we inhabit.

Spiritual and Movement Training

  • Satipathana Meditation: I began studying this with John Garrie in 1988 and continue this practise to the current day.
  • Amerta Movement: a non-stylised movement form developed by the Javanese movement teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto). I met Prapto in 1991 and continued working with him in Java, mainland Europe and UK until his death in 2019. 
  • Move into Life: Sandra Reeve’s movement programme continues to be a source of self discovery and inspiration to me.
  • The Medicine Women who have helped me to reconnect with the magical web of life.
  • The land where I live.

Formal and Clinical Training

  • BSc in Ecology and Zoology from Exeter University
  • Graduated from British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1987. I have been in practice since this time.
  • Studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan qualifying as a practitioner in 2007.

Body and Awareness Edited by Sandra Reeve